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Beginner Gymnastics

  • In our Beginner Class students begin to learn the skills required in the Level 1 USA Gymnastics compulsory routines. The gymnasts will start to perfect the basic skills in floor, bars, beam, and vault. Mastering the fundamental elements of each event are necessary steps for gymnasts to move to higher, more skilled and complex gymnastics.

Intermediate Gymnastics

  • In the Intermediate Class students will have already mastered the basic gymnastics skills in all events. They will work hard in improving their strength and flexibility and learning new skills for higher level gymnastics.

Pre-School Gymnastics

  • In our Pre-School Class students will begin to learn basic skills such as the warm-up routine, forward and backward rolls, horse kick (beginner handstands) and cart-wheels. They will also learn basic bar, beam and vault skills. One goal of this class is to increase the self-esteem and social competency of the students by encouraging them to take turns and work in groups.