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Ingrids Gymnastics Registration newest Form

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Ingrid’s Gymnastics and Cheer, LLC

2018-2019 Registration Form

Class date and time_____________________ Drivers License #_______________

Name: ______________________________Age ____ Date of Birth: __________ Gender _______

Address: __________________________________City ____________________ Zip ___________

Email address: ________________________________ Home phone: _______________________

Mother’s name: ____________________________Cell #: _____________ Work #: ____________

Father’s name: _____________________________Cell #: _____________Work #_____________

Emergency contact (other than parents)___________________________________________

Phone #:______________________

Persons to whom child may be released ___________________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________ Phone #: _________________________________

Health Insurance Company ________________________

contract# _________________________

Group # _________________Effective Date ___________

Policy Holder__________ ____________________

Allergies / health problems: _________________________________________

Medications: _________________________________________________________

Being the parent and/or legal guardian of _____________________________, I fully understand that the nature of gymnastics involves jumping, twisting, flipping, landing, etc. Precautions are in place at the gymnasium to protect my child from injury but accidents, however rare, are possible. I am wiling to assume these risks on behalf of my child. I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in gymnastics and that my child is healthy with no physical or mental disabilities that would restrict full participation in the activities of the gymnastics and cheer programs. In addition to giving my full consent for my child’s participation, I do hereby waive, release, and hold absolutely harmless Ingrid’s Gymnastics and Cheer, LLC and its coaches for any injury that may be suffered by my child, whether the result of negligence or any other cause. I understand that Ingrid’s Gymnastics and Cheer, LLC will not be liable in any way for medical, doctor, hospital, or dental expenses. It is my specific understanding by signing this document that all parents and guardians of my child will be giving up the right to all claims, suits, causes of actions, demands, monies, attorney’s fees and judgments.

I, ________________________________ give my permission to Mrs. Ingrid Pfau to authorize any emergency medical treatment that my child/ward may require during the 2018-2019Ingrids Gymnastics Registration newest Form Gymnastics session.


 Ingrid’s Gymnastics and Cheer, LLC

Tuition and Payment Policies

*Students may sign up any time during the month, and tuition will be pro-rated.

*Monthly tuition is due on the first week of each month. A $10 late fee will be added to all overdue accounts on the 10th of the month.

Methods of payment:

*Cash.  A written receipt will be provided for cash payment. Place the payment in an envelope with your child’s name class day and the time.

*Check.  There will be a $30 charge for returned checks. Your child’s name and month of payment must be written on the check. please note the student’s name, the program, class day and the time on the memo portion of your check and the month.

*Debit. Your child’s name and month of payment must be written on the receipt.

*Credit card will be charge $5.00 more and payment over the phone

All outstanding balances are due before starting each school year, and all accounts overdue 60 days will be sent to ACES Collection Agency.

*Student cannot attend classes if accounts are delinquent for over 60 days.

* Full tuition is due for each month including, December and May.

(if you take a break you will have to pay registration again)


*Please call for make up classes. Only Illness with a doctor’s note is required for any make up classes

 I’ve read the above and agree

There is no refund for missed monthly classes. All recreational gymnasts. You must call and schedule any make-up class within one month of the missed class. For the well-being of all gymnasts and staff, if your gymnast has a contagious illness, please call and schedule a make-up class.*Unused tuition payments due to injury or illness will be credited to your account for future use but will not be refunded.* Full tuition is due for each month including, December and March. Classes not held for holidays.

Please Notify front desk or call if you will not be coming. You will be charged your monthly fee unless we are notified. Team CANNOT take off December or during the Summertime, If they take a vacation you must let us know in the office

DRESS CODE: Girls should wear leotards. Boys should wear gym shorts with a T-shirt that is tucked in. Students must have their hair pulled back from their face during class. Fingernails and toenails should be kept trimmed. Your gymnast may not wear earrings during class. Your gymnast should not wear socks, tights, jeans or shorts with belts, buttons or zippers.Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. Ingrid’s gymnastics will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.These rules are designed for the safety of your gymnast. Please help us protect your child.

Ingrid’s gymnastics closing policy

Ingrid’s gymnastics will follow the School System’s weather closing policy.  In the event of inclement weather, our Ingrid’s Gymnastics Training Center will follow suggested Alabama School Closing Schedules.  Be tuned to local TV and Radio networks for closing information.(Make-up classes are not offered for weather related closings)

*Annual Registration fee: $35.00 per child

*Fee per month: Pre-School (2.5 to 3) $50.00.  Beginners, intermediate $55.00. Tumbling $65.00*Second child discount $5.00 off per month

Semester fee:

August -December $265.00  January –May $265.00  June-July $105.00

Pre team monthly payment  :$110.00  3hr per week

Team monthly monthly :

                2 times per week $120.00 (level 1) 4 hr per week.          2 times per week $125.00 (level 2)5hr per week

3 times per week  $140.00(level 3) 6hr.per week            3 times per week  $160.00(level 4)8hr per week


*Discount rate: For any additional class your child takes or for any additional enrollment in the program, you will receive a $5.00 discount per month on your tuition.

__________________________               ________________________        ___/___/___

          Parent/Guardian                                  Student Signature                    Date



 Gym Rules

1) Absolutely no horseplay during class.

2) The importance of staying with their group and listening to their instructor.

3) All students must stay off the equipment unless a coach is with him/her.

4) The importance of being respectful to all staff and fellow gymnasts.

5) The need to be dressed and ready to start at the beginning of class so they may receive proper stretch and conditioning.

6) No gum is allowed at any time. Food and drink must be kept in the lobby.

7) Parents must inform the gym staff before class begins if your gymnast has any physical problems, such as a sprained wrist or ankle or if the child has had an ear infection recently which could affect the child’s balance.

 VISITORS:  (parents, siblings and friends)

Must watch classes quietly in the designated area. No one except gymnasts and staff are allowed in the training area. Please supervise any sibling that is not enrolled in the program. Any distractions could cause injury. We have a lobby available for children not participating in a class.

________________________________                                __________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                             Date

________________________________                                 __________________

Student Signature                                                                          Date