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Beginner Gymnastics

  • Learn required Level 1 USA Gymnastics compulsory routines.
  • Perfect the basic skills in floor, bars, beam, and vault.
  • Master fundamental elements for complex gymnastics.

Intermediate Gymnastics

  • master all basic gymnastics skills.
  • improve strength and flexibility
  • learn new skills for higher level gymnastics.

Pre-School Gymnastics

  • begin to learning basic skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and cart-wheels.
  • Learn basic bar, beam and vault skills.
  • increase self-esteem and social competency by encouraging disciple and teamwork.

Ingrid’s Gymnastics Mission Statement

again quetsion mark 062Welcome to Ingrid’s Gymnastics! At Ingrid’s we strive to teach children of all ages Gymnastics in a supportive and creative way. Our facility is designed for the sole purpose of making sure that your child is able to learn the many rewarding skills of gymnastics in a safe, disciplined and fun environment.

We hope the time your child spends on the balance-beam, bar, vault, or floor will not only increase their physical strength, but their academic excellence as well. Also, we strive to make sure that the children enrolled in our classes will learn things other than gymnastics such as confidence, balance, respect, and concentration.

Our Gymnastics classes are LEVEL oriented. This means that as your child progresses in level and skill, we will take the proper measurements to ensure that they will be able to progress successfully if they put their mind to it.

Ingrid’s Gymnastics aims to teach gymnastics in a fun, innovative, and affordable way! We Know our students will leave this gym with many new friends and  skills to use in the outside world. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

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Gym Location

8228 Division Ct N, Birmingham, AL 35206

 Contact Us

email us at: or call us at: 205-833-0584